About Us
    About Tadbir Energy Development Group

    Tadbir Energy Group is active in major parts of oil value chain like Upstream , Oil & gas Services , Refinery , Petrochemicals , Trading and Commercials. This group is a private limited company totally owned by Tadbir Investment Group. As a holding in the field of energy, Tadbir Energy is going to create an integrated network of companies to exploit domestic and international opportunities in oil and gas industry.

    Vision Of Tadbir Energy Group

    Being in the list of top international energy companies in next 10 years.

    Mission Of Tadbir Energy Group

    Establishing a powerful international company in the field of oil, gas, petrochemicals and energy production, by creating new companies or acquiring management stock of current or potential companies.a

    Strategy Of Tadbir Energy Group

    Effective and constructive cooperation with main international and domestic energy market players for profit maximization with concentration on:
    • Cooperation
    • Investing in the complement fields: value chain and synergy
    • Looking for result
    • Sharing responsibilities with systematic supervision

    Goal Of Tadbir Energy Group

    Effective participation and cooperation with internal and external active energy markets for:
    • Achieving the maximum rate of interest.
    • Employment and training able human forces.